Pet Portraits

Last month my friend Abbey was telling one of her friend about my new Shark Pups blog and showed her my site along with some of my photos of Miley and Stanlee.  After talking for a little while, her friend suggested I look into programs to allow me to photograph foster dogs to help their chances of getting adopted.  She read an article about this and was going to send it over for me to look into.

About two weeks later, I saw the same article surface on the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue (MWBTR) Facebook fanpage!  I thought this could be a really fun opportunity for me and something great for the dogs as well.  I am a volunteer for this group, I have a nice new SLR camera and a love for photographing my pups.  When I was younger and starting college, one of the directions I wanted to go was Photography.  Although I did not follow that career path, I still have a love for it.  I take pictures everywhere I go and really enjoy the whole process of photographing and editing.  After reading the article on the MWBTR page, I emailed the person in charge and attached a few photos of my pups letting them know I would be more than happy to photograph their pups.  After running a small online store selling my products I have learned that it really is amazing what good photography can do to help sell your items.  So after emailing back and forth a few times, we are setting up a date or two in northeast Ohio for boston fosters to come get their pictures taken :)

This is something I could reeeeaally love doing on the side!  Here are some of my recent photos of my pups and photography.

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