Feed. Me.

When we moved to our new area this past summer, we started taking the pups to an awesome vet nearby that was recommended by one of my friends.  Although my friend had wonderful things to say about the vet, she did warn me that this particular vet office is pretty strict on keeping their dogs very lean.  

Did I mention Miley's nickname used to be tubby, tubbo and tubs?!  I started to feel a little concerned about her first vet visit.

At the pups first vet visit, they did great. Everyone thought they were too cute and I felt like a proud momma.  Then came the dreaded conversation about their weight.  The vet was so sweet and helpful, but one thing she said to me really shocked me.  She said that small dogs should not have more than 1/3 cup of food twice a day.  {my mouth dropped}.  This was so shocking to me, because I was feeding them about 3/4 cup twice a day, which I thought was a "diet" because the bag of food suggested 2 cups a day!  Then came something even more shocking; the vet said Miley should not be eating anymore than 1/4 cup twice a day until we get her weight down.  

Oh. My.  I felt a little scared on how we were going to cut that much out of her food intake without her going around the house chewing everything up that stood in her way.  

Surprisingly, I think Stanlee has had a harder time with the food shortage and tends to vocalized his feelings at least an hour before dinner time as he stares at his empty bowl.  There has been a couple bad pup moments where Miley chewed up something in the house, but, I do feel like I am better understanding how to make this diet work.  

I have realized that schedule is very important to them now.  Since they are getting less food, we need to make sure they are getting their meals at a specific time each day and try to be consistent with that.  Before, we would go somewhere for the day and just feed them when we got home, regardless of what time it was and they did not have any problems.  Now, if they go an hour past their expected meal time, Miss Miley will go on the hunt looking for something to eat.

I thought I would share this for anyone else struggling with their pup's weight or with others who have heard this nutrition information?!  Our pups have lost weight and are now in the normal expected weight for boston terriers which makes me happy.  Now that we have their weight under control, I will start back on healthy treats when they are being sweet little pups or when I am feeling extra loving toward them ;) 

Tomorrow I will share with you what the diet of an allergy prone, sensitive stomach, gluten free pup looks like.  Stay tuned...

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