Fine Dining

Yesterday I shared with you the amount of food our vet recommends for small pups, and today I am going to share what type of food our Shark Pups inhale eat.

Like I mentioned yesterday, our pups are very sensitive.  Miley used to have bad allergy problems, and Stanlee has always had a sensitive stomach and coat issues since we adopted him.  Luckily, this diet is great for allergy prone dogs and sensitive stomaches!

We have heard from several vets that beef, chicken, gravy, grains, corn, soy and egg can be a leading cause of allergies and upset stomach for dogs.  Our vet recommends avoiding all of these items in their diet.  This Natural Choice venison and sweet potato meal seems to be a winner with our pups!

As for treats...

...we are going to try something new.

Now that our dogs are at a healthier weight, I purchased more treats for them when they are being even more awesome than they already are.  The treats I bought today are a different brand than I have tried in the past, but I looked at the ingredients and read over the packaging and hope they are a good fit.

So hopefully your pups are healthy, happy, hyper little cuties, but in case they are lacking in the allergy fighting power maybe you could make the switch to the Shark Pup diet and see if you notice any difference with your little ones.

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