Pupdate 5.22.12

Now that the weather is nice we are going on more road trips.

Stanlee has been modeling more and been featured on Etsy and
in magazines!

We got to have family time on a small lake in Akron while
I sold items at my vendor booth for Bark in the Park.

Dinners on the patio.

And rest.  Lots of rest.  Miley always makes me laugh at how she moves the blankets around to fit her needs.

Sun bathing in the car

This past Sunday, Justin and I had the pups with us in the car with the window rolled down while we went into Jimmy John's to grab a sub for lunch.  When we returned to the car, Stanlee decided to get his sun tan on while sitting on the back windowsill.  We tried to talk him into getting down and back into his bed with Miley, but he didn't care to move.  So, we drove all the way home with him hanging out under the back window.  Me being the paranoid mother that I am, was worried about him the whole car ride,  Miley couldn't have cared less and Justin just looked in his rearview mirror and smiled.  

I love my family and our weekends together.

Where's Miley?

Around here you have to be careful when you go to move a blanket, pillow or choose where you sit....
There just might be a sleepy pup in hiding!

Maybe it's a boston terrier thing, or just a shark pups thing, but these pups love burying themselves under a blanket.  We lay blankets and sheets in their bed, on the couch and on the floor because they like to use their paws and scoop them into place and then wiggle themselves underneath.  It is so funny to Justin and I because sometimes you can't even tell there is a pup underneath the blanket, and the shocking part is that they did it all on their own.

What smart pups we have around here.

Bow-tie Model by day...

Super hero by night.

Yesterday I went to the pet store for one thing; to pick up a new bed for the pups.  As I am walking to the back of the store, I couldn't help but stop and take a look at all the Martha Stewart pet items at Petsmart.  As I turn the corner of the fixture, I see the most awesome pup clothing I have ever seen.  Super hero t-shirts!  I love buying things for the pups, but especially things I can put on Stan Man to dress him up.  And yes, he loves it.  Don't let him tell you any differently.

Shark Pups Return

Shark Pups are back!

I took a very long break from blogging on Shark Pups for a few reasons.  When I was a beginner blogger, I read articles on what a successful blog was.  
How do you get people to follow you?
Post quantity.

All of these things were needed to have a "successful" blog.  Now that I have become a little more experienced, I have realized that a successful blog could mean having something you are proud of that provides memories and documentation of the lovely little things in life...not the highest numbers or high traffic to another area of your work.

In the beginning, I wanted to divide up my Little Blue Feather shop and sell all dog accessories in a separate shop called Shark Pups.  I realized that at this time I was unable to balance the two, and create a new shop from the ground up without any followers, marketing plans, etc.  So, I put Shark Pups shop on hold, continued blogging for a wee bit longer, and then eventually it all fizzled.  

When I look at this blog now, I have a different perspective.

Since the beginning of 2012, our immediate and extended family has lost a few very loved pups in their lives; dogs that have traveled with them, shared memories like their wedding, first house and helped get the owners through hard times.  

This week my in-laws lost their boxer in an emergency surgery to try and repair his intestine that was knotted together.  Unfortunately, Louis wasn't able to be saved and I have been shocked by the news all week.  To make it even harder, Louis was the son of my brother-in-laws boxer that passed away of old age a month ago.  Both of these boxers were so loved by the family and it is really hard to think they are no longer with us.

I look at Miley and Stanlee everyday and I am overwhelmed by the love that I have for them.  I was never a dog lover until I joined the Sharkey family and now I totally get it.  They give you a feeling that I never understood until recent years.  I used to have sensitive feelings toward negative comments when people teased me about my love for the dogs, or that I was a little overboard with them, but now it doesn't phase me.  Yes, I am a really proud pup momma.  They are my companions throughout the day when I am working from home and they make me smile, laugh and touch my heart every. single. day.

Because I know they won't be with me forever {and I have a really hard time with that} I want to pick back up with my Shark Pups blog.  This time, I don't care about the numbers, if I am getting traffic to my shop or if my posts are consistent.  I want this blog of mine to be documentation of our life with them.  I want to share all of the hilarious things Miley does, the jokes we say about Stanlee, share photos of things we do together, write posts from their perspective and overall remember all the things I love so much about them.  And along the way, I want to document all of the other shark pups in our family.   

I know the next time we are in town, Miley will be searching all over the place for Lou, her first buddy and roommate when we added her to our family.  
And it will break my heart.    

So this is not only an update on Shark Pups, but to also say that if you have a blog, you can create it to be whatever you want.  Document your life, share photos, write notes to your future self or just plain share randomness about your two little pups that you are mildly obsessed with.  
It's your own little space.
Write freely.