Family Time

There are very few things I enjoy more than spending quality time with my family outside.  Sometimes Justin is a little overworked and the pups are usually cooped up inside our apartment with me during the days while I work from home.  When a warm sunny day comes along, we just can't seem to pass it up.

Every time we have a warm fall day, I tell MileyJo "we need to really enjoy this because it is probably the last one we are going to have!"  But then surprisingly, we get a 65 degree sunny day thrown in the middle of upper 40s weather.  Thankfully, we had one more weekend day to enjoy some outdoor play time.  Justin, MileyJo, Stanlee and I packed a bag and hiked the Cuyahoga Valley National Park this past Sunday.  We all loved it and I would say I was the most exhausted and out of breath family member by the end of the hike. -wink

I think that is a smile on Stan's face :)

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