Halloween Photos

One of the things I love about November 1 is looking through all the fun pictures friends and family post online of their families dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  Justin and I do not have any kids, so we like to dress up our pups instead :)  I did not buy Stan and Miley new costumes and thought they could probably just wear last years outfits.

Well, this was good and bad.  Miley has lost a few pounds (so proud of her) and her rooster costume did not fit her this year.  On the positive side, If you dressed up as a farm animal at Chipotle yesterday, you got your burrito for only $2!  Thank you Miley for letting me borrow your costume.  Who knew we wore the same size?!  {-wink)

Instead of having a lobster and a rooster this Halloween as planned, Miley dressed in Stanlee's lobster costume and Stanlee wore his new sweater and handmade bow tie collar.  They were the cutest pups on the block!

Hope you had a great Halloween!  Now it's time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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