Wordless Wednesday: Modeling

Stanlee proved yet again that he is a perfect model for my bow-ties.
Dog bow-ties sold here: Little Blue Feather Dog Bow-Ties

The Paper Mama

Funny Friday - All Lit Up

You leave a pup alone for 2 minutes and you come back to find he has tangled himself in Christmas lights, plugged them in and is posing for you.

Who knew

Who knew:

I would turn into a dog lover.
I could love any animal this way.
that Miley would be our first dog in our family.
that boston terriers are so funny.
I would learn to love Stanlee that way that I do now.
I would laugh at our pups more than a show.
I would talk so much to a room filled with just our pups.

Who knew...

I didn't.

{Funny Friday} Dog Costumes

Source: bhg.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

There is something hilarious about seeing dogs dressed up in costumes or with photography props. In every photo, I always wonder what the dog is thinking. This weekend we have plans to dress up Stanlee and MileyJo for some Christmas pictures. I hope they enjoy it as much as we do.