Traveling Pups

Miley and Stanlee are turning into traveling pups.  They always seem to be going somewhere in the car, whether it is to the park, the post office, or to another city to see friends and family for overnight visits.  Miley is a natural in the car.  She hops right up and wants to stick her head out the window the entire trip.  Stanlee, well....he is learning to like the car.  Stanman used to be very anxious in the car, standing the entire trip and looking out the front window in between our shoulders.  Now, Stanlee will sit and eventually lay down half way through the trip.  {I love seeing his progress in becoming more comfortable with things! ;)} This past summer, not only did they travel to Columbus, Canton, Dayton and several parks; they moved!!  We packed up all of our belongings and the pups and moved to a new place in Ohio...the wonderful Cleveland/Akron area.  This place is awesome compared to our last town!  Especially for the pups!  We live in a neighborhood with easy walking, we live near several metro parks and 15 minutes from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park as well as 30 minutes from beaches on the lake.  I have a funny feeling they are going to love this place :)  

Stanlee's first time ever hanging out the car window!!!  We were parked which I guess made him feel more confident :)

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