Stanlee's Story: Part 1

Stanlee.  Where do I begin with this little pup!?  Stanlee came into our lives when he was 13 months old and was terrified at what was in store for him.  He suddenly had new parents, in a new part of Ohio and a boston terrier (BT) sister who was a little bossy toward him.  Life was sure to change for this little guy and for myself.  You see, Stanlee has completely changed my perspective on dogs, adoption and love for animals.  Here is his story:

After Justin and I got married, we moved a couple hours north of our hometown.  This meant taking Miley with us and breaking up her and her best friend, my in-laws pup, Louis.  After we got settled, we knew we wanted to find a friend for Miley and we wanted to adopt.  We heard about a woman in Dayton that was unable to care for BT anymore and was looking for a new home for him.  How perfect! 

Well, when I first met Stanlee I have to be honest with you, I did not think he was that cute.  Miley was my first dog, and I thought she screamed perfection.  {which we know, is all in the eye of the owner.  But I was convinced she was the most perfect and beautiful BT out there! You know how it is with your first ;)}  Stanlee looked nothing like Miley.  He was very petite, had one floppy ear, a long crooked tail, a weird smell, unusual markings and was very timid.   I know this is awful to say, but I kept thinking "how am I going to say I don't want him without sounding like a horrible person?".  Then my husband spoke up and said "I love him!  He is so cool looking and we can give him a good home!"  Say what?!  Oh boy.  Suddenly, this new pup (his name was not yet Stanlee) was now ours.  

The first couple weeks were rough to say the least.  Being an inexperienced dog owner, I didn't quite understand the fact that Stanlee, a BT, could have a completely different personality than our other BT.  After being home a few days, I took Stan to his first ever vet appointment.  It was awful for both of us.  He got several shots, he had an ear infection, eye infection, sensitive stomach and thinning hair.  A very large vet bill later, I think we both cried on our way home!  

In the beginning, I remember thinking I couldn't do it.  I wasn't committed to this new relationship with Stanlee and I was going to find him another home.  I didn't know where to look for his new owner or what questions to ask, so I found the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue online and called right away.  This is when one woman said something to me that I will never forget.  She said, "We have so many fosters right now and we will take him if you absolutely can not do it any longer, but I really encourage you to give it two more weeks and if you still feel this way, call me back and we will take him."

Thank God she did not say "Yes bring him right over..."

To be continued.

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