Stanlee, you smell like...stale popcorn?

At the time we adopted Stanlee, he was 13 months and had yet to go to the vet.  Before he went for his first visit, I noticed his skin and coat looked and smelled a little unusual.  Stanlee is a unique looking dog with black spots on his skin but white hair; unusual but adorable.

My nephew calls him a fire dog ;)   

Stanlee's black spots were pretty noticeable because his hair was very thin.  It almost seemed like maybe his hair was falling out more than normal and his skin was pink and had a distinct smell to it.  With the help of antibiotics, good quality food and some lovin he has turned into a pretty healthy dog.  Although his constant stench is gone, he still seems to get this weird smell when it is time for a bath.  Yes, I know dogs get stinky and that is why they need bathed, but this is not a dirt, sweat, nasty outdoor smell.  In my opinion, he smells like stale popcorn.  My husband says his smell reminds him of waffles, but if that were true I would never bath him and sprinkle powder sugar on him to keep his coat from looking dirty.  

Needless to say, Last week was bath week for the pups. 

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