Stanlee's Story: Part 2

Stanlee's Story continued...

Once I got off the phone with the woman from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue (MWBTR), I thought about how long this two weeks could last.  At the time, I didn't think my feelings for Stanlee would change.  {silly me}

Each day after that phone conversation I noticed little things changing between Stanlee and I.  We discovered he loved salty green beans and realized he must have been fed table food in his previous life and started to mix green beans in with dog food until about a week later he was eating only dog food.  I also saw that at night Stanlee would leave his little bed and crawl into bed with Miley.  This drove her nuts but it made me realize, all he wants is affection and contact from someone.  This is when I started making it a point to try and love on him a little more. 

Since I knew Stanlee didn't want me to hold him, I tried sitting with him on the floor and letting him crawl into my lap.  I remember the little bits of progress he would make and it made me so excited and proud that I was learning to "train" him and also that he was starting to feel more comfortable with us.  Stanlee then started to really warm up to me and wanted to cuddle with me at all times.  I remember sitting at our dining room table painting and he would try and squeeze in between my legs and the table to see what I was up to and if he could join me!  It wasn't long until he let me hold him for the first time.  I remember him being stiff and staring at me, but he didn't yelp and he didn't try to wiggle away.  He was beginning to trust me.  

My heart started to change during those two weeks.  Not only was I wanting to keep Stanlee, I was actually falling in love with him.  Something clicked inside of me and went into protective mom mode.   I emailed the MWBTR back and told them we would be keeping him and thank you for your encouragement.  We were officially Stanlee's parents from here on out!  He has grown into a very loving dog that is loyal, gentle and ready to snuggle.  I see things in Stanlee that I didn't see before, or I didn't like before, but are now my favorite features.  I love his unique look and his petite frame.  I love that his face is so full of expression and how he still gets a little nervous when experiencing new things.  I love the relationship him and Miley have formed and their love for Justin and I.  I really don't think that anyone has ever been as excited to see me as what Stanlee is every single morning when I wake up.  What would I have done without him?

A year later I contacted the MWBTR again, but this time I wanted to know how I could help out and make a difference for the little BTs in need.  I filled out an application, did a phone interview and am a volunteer in Ohio for the MWBTR.  I am unable to foster because of living in an apartment, but hope this is in my future someday.

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