On My Heart

Last autumn, I started a second blog called Shark Pups.  I had full intentions of creating two separate blogs, shops, FB and twitter accounts; one of which would be only LBF clothing and designs with the other only dog accessories and pup stories.  

What I realized last year was that this idea was not realistic for me at the time, and that I struggled balancing the two and marketing for both.  So, the Shark Pups blog hasn't been touched since December of  last year, even though I have thought about it often.

Last year when I was still very new to blogging, I thought that it needed to be a list of all these specific things in order for it to be considered a successful blog.
Great layout and design.
5+ posts a week.
Quality content.

When I got a little overwhelmed with the two, I decided to let that one go and focus solely on Little Blue Feather{blog, shop, FB and twitter} and thought maybe it just wasn't right timing to start Shark Pups.  What I have now learned is that my second blog doesn't have to sit on the back burner, that I can create with it what I want to.

Looking at the Shark Pups blog now, I have a different perspective.  

Since the beginning of 2012, our immediate and extended family has lost a few very loved pups in their lives; dogs that have traveled with them, shared memories like their wedding, first house and helped get the owners through hard times.  

This week my in-laws lost their boxer in an emergency surgery to try and repair his intestine that was knotted together.  Unfortunately, Louis wasn't able to be saved and I have been shocked by the news all week.  To make it even harder, Louis was the son of my brother-in-laws boxer that passed away of old age a month ago.  Both of these boxers were so loved by the family and it is really hard to think they are no longer with us.

I look at Miley and Stanlee everyday and I am overwhelmed by the love that I have for them.  I was never a dog lover until I joined the Sharkey family and now I totally get it.  They give you a feeling that I never understood until recent years.  I used to have sensitive feelings toward negative comments when people teased me about my love for the dogs, or that I was a little overboard with them, but now it doesn't phase me.  Yes, I am a really proud pup momma.  They are my companions throughout the day when I am working from home and they make me smile, laugh and touch my heart every. single. day.

Because I know they won't be with me forever {and I have a really hard time with that} I want to pick back up with my Shark Pups blog.  This time, I don't care about the numbers, if I am getting traffic to my shop or if my posts are consistent.  I want this other blog of mine to be documentation of our life with them.  I want to share all of the hilarious things Miley does, the jokes we say about Stanlee, share photos of things we do together, write posts from their perspective and overall remember all the things I love so much about them.  And along the way, I want to document all of the other shark pups in our family.  I will still share pupdates on this blog, but I want a separate place to look back and remember.  

I know the next time we are in town, Miley will be searching all over the place for Lou, her first buddy and roommate when we added her to our family.  
And it will break my heart.    

So this is not only an update on Shark Pups, but to also say that if you have a blog, you can create it to be whatever you want.  Document your life, share photos, write notes to your future self or just plain share randomness about your two little pups that you are mildly obsessed with.  
It's your own little space.
Write freely.

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