Miley's 5th Birthday

This weekend, Miley turned the big 5 years old.  Part of me can't believe she is five already.  Miley (also known as Mi, MileyJo and Joseph on her tomboy moments) was mine and husband's first boston terrier together, and our first pet.  It was one of those, "oh my goodness she is perfect" moments when we found her.

I think about Miley and Stanlee, and how much I love them all the time.  Isn't it crazy?!  They are dogs, and I never thought I could love a dog this way.  They have given me so much company over the past 4+ years and I can't imagine our home without them.  So, when one of them has a birthday, we celebrate!

Miley didn't just get a little pupcake for her birthday, we went all out and bought a full pup pie.  We are going to eat pie all week. (Because around here we also celebrate birth weeks, not just days).

While Miley inhaled her pie as quickly as she could, I thought about some of my favorite Miley things:

The way she has always taken her treat and runs away from people and other dogs, so they can't touch it.
Her white markings on her face, and her matching white front paws.
The way she scoops her paw and tries to move your arm over to her to pet her.
The way she is able to give me a look of, "I hate this moment" so very clearly.
Her hair color
When she gets that little spark in her and can't stop running around the house.  
The way she likes to share a pillow with you and sleep by your chest if you let her in bed with you.
How she hates having her picture taken.

There are so many things I love about this girl.  Things that are so very different from Stanlee, but that make Miley her.

Happy Birthday MileyJo!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays?!  Please tell me I am not the only one ;)

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