Miley turns 4

Miley is now 4 years old! Oh my, she is growing up way too fast.  Miley is a beautiful, sassy and hilarious red boston terrier.  She has a lovely coat and perfect white markings.  She is lovable yet a little crazy.  She is also famous in the little blue feather shop!   {sigh}  I just can't get enough of her...


I remember the first day we got Miley.  Justin found her at a pet store in Columbus while he was waiting for me to get off of work.  The whole night he talked about her and how perfect she was so the next morning we were outside the doors waiting for the store to open so I could meet her.  She was beautiful, but I was very hesitant...then I held her.  I wonder if she knew deep down that if she snuggled with me and fell asleep in my arms that I would have to give in to her; and of course, I did.  I can't imagine life without her.

January 1, 2008 we became her proud parents :)


When I was in Columbus last week, I stopped by Three Dog Bakery and picked up some fun treats including a wheat free limited ingredient pupcake (our dogs have food allergies) to help us celebrate her birthday. 

This looks so yummy.  If I didn't know any better, I would eat it thinking it was a real cupcake!

pupcakes and playtime at the park can really tire you out!

Happy Birthday Miley Jo :)  

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